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Job Opening: Training Manager - Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Job Opening: Training Manager

Training Manager


Housing Choice Voucher HCV

880 E. 11th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211

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QUALIFICATIONS:  An example of acceptable qualifications for this position:

Possession of a Bachelor's degree in Education, Business Administration, Human Resources, or related field.           Advanced training in instructional design, adult learning principles, and compliance management preferred. At

least five years in a training development role, with significant experience in housing programs, property

management, or a related field. Demonstrated success in developing and implementing technology-focused

training programs. Familiarity with HUD regulations and housing policies is essential.

Job Information:


JOB DUTIES in order of importance

The Training Manager oversees the development and execution of training strategies within the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program under the direct supervision of the Vice President of the HCV Program. This role is

pivotal in developing, administering, and monitoring training programs to enhance staff capabilities in program operations and compliance with housing regulations. The Training Manager will initially focus on Scyphus

system training in collaboration with the IT department and will later incorporate comprehensive Yardi system

training to support future operational needs.



·        (1) Training Program Development and Implementation: Lead the creation and execution of effective

training programs tailored to the needs of the HCV program, focusing on enhancing operational

 efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.


·        (2) Scyphus System Training: Collaborate with the IT department to develop and provide in-depth

 training on CMHA's current system, Scyphus, ensuring staff are proficient in its use for daily operations.


·        (3) Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Work closely with various departments, particularly the

IT and Human Resources departments, to align training initiatives with organizational goals and

technological changes.



·        (4) Regulatory Compliance Training: Ensure all training materials and programs are up-to-date with

the latest HUD regulations, CMHA policies, and any relevant federal, state, and local housing laws,

preparing staff to effectively navigate and comply with these requirements.


·        (5) Performance and Effectiveness Monitoring: Evaluate the effectiveness of training interventions

through performance metrics, adapting training strategies as needed to meet organizational objectives

and regulatory compliance.



·        (6) Professional Development: Facilitate continuous learning opportunities for staff, promoting

professional growth and adherence to best practices in housing program management.


·        (8) Future Training Initiatives: Prepare for and eventually lead the development of training programs

for the Yardi system, aligning with the organization's future technological adoption and ensuring a

smooth transition for all staff.




5%       (8) Performs other related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE CHARACTERISTICS: (*indicates developed after employment)

Must have excellent problem solving, decision making, leadership and customer service skills; strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to engage a wide variety of people with a high level of professionalism and courtesy; must be able to work effectively in sometimes hostile environments. Must be able to deescalate in situations of conflict; Must present a professional image as a representative of CMHA; *Agency/department goals and objectives; *Agency/department policies and procedures.







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          Training Manager


Skill in:  Excellent communication and presentation abilities, strong leadership and project management skills, and proficiency in current educational technologies and software.


Ability to: Organize workflow, generate financial reports, conduct audits of processes and procedures, give directives, and hold individuals accountable for assigned tasks.

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