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Job Opening: Assistant Purchasing Manager - Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Job Opening: Assistant Purchasing Manager

Assistant Purchasing Manager


Procurement & Inventory

880 E. 11th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211

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Ending Date:

Minimum Requirments:

Qualifications:  An example of acceptable qualifications for this position:

Possession of Associates degree in Business or Public Administration, Management or related field. May consider a combination of education and experience in lieu of degree requirement. A minimum of three (3) years professional level experience in procurement, which includes contract administration. 

Experience in Government procurement process is strongly desired with thorough knowledge of public procurement and relevant federal, state and local regulations.



EQUIPMENT OPERATED:  The following are examples only and are not intended to be all inclusive.

Calculator, computer, computer software (e.g., Microsoft Office, and other applicable computer software), mobile phone, fax machine, copier, scanner, telephone, postage machine, and other standard modern business office equipment.


Employee has exposure to chemical compounds found in an office environment (e.g., toner, correction fluid, etc.); this is considered sedentary work and the employee must demonstrate the ability to perform the physical demands required of the position in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s physical demands strength ratings.

In cases of emergency, unpredictable situations, and/or department needs, may be required to lift, push, pull, and/or carry objects heavier than D.O.L. strength ratings recommend.

Job Information:

Summary of job

Assist the Purchasing Manager by performing purchasing functions related to buying materials and services accordance with CMHA procurement policy and Federal, State and HUD regulations. Clarifies user specifications, establishes time frames for advertising and pre-bid/proposal meetings, assists in preparing, quote for small purchases, requests for quotes, request for proposals and invitation for bids; identifies possible vendors/contractors and prepares contracts; analyzes procurement responses.

Employee is primarily concerned with the application of standardized practices, as outlined by HUD, CMHA, Federal and State procurement regulations. Work assignment and desired results are explained by general oral or written instructions.  Duties assigned are generally repetitive and restricted in scope but may be of substantial complexity.    Decisions or recommendations on non-standardized situations are limited to relating organizational policies, practices, and industry standards to specific cases.  Problems which are not covered by guidelines or are without precedent are discussed with the manager.  The position has limited decision making authority over daily operations.

                                                               JOB DESCRIPTION AND WORKER CHARACTERISTICS:

JOB DUTIES in order of importance


95%      In accordance with Federal and State purchasing regula­tions, assists the Purchasing Manager with the processing of quote for small purchases, request for quotes, request for proposals and invitation for bids.  Ensures all required HUD forms and general condi­tions are included.

Types and mails bid packets to potential bidders after reviewed by supervisor. Maintains bidder’s list file, Records bids during bid openings.

Must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned duties and tasks.

Assists the Purchasing Manager with procurement contract administration responsibilities.

Prepares correspondence relating to procurement matters to agency personnel, vendors and bidders.

Prepares Independent cost estimates for QSP/RFP/IFB/RFQ and Non-Competitive Proposal

Prepare procurement justifications for other than full/open competition.

 Attend & Prepare notes of Pre-Bid/ Proposal and Addenda for Procurement file.

 Engages community outreach activity to increase competition and responses to solicitations.

Maintains a list of qualified vendors/contractors to assist in outreach, and for distribution of solicitations.

Prepares specialty proposals and contracts, and processes emergency procurements.

Communicates the status of procurement to end users, vendors/contractors and utilizes vendor commodity databases and other sources for relevant information. Create and maintain reports as directed.

Makes recommendations and prepares contracts for the pur­chase of materials and services ensuring contracts contain all required information to comply with all Federal, State, and CMHA requirements.

Performs forecasting analysis and consolidates various department commodities under one contract to take advantage of possible discounts through buying in volume.

Creates and issues purchase orders in a timely manner that will meet various department requirements.

Monitors purchase orders and contracts to prevent over obligation of funds and expiration of contracts.          

Assists the Purchasing Manager with procurement contract administration responsibilities.

Schedules warranty repair and service calls, related to continuing services contracts.

Investigates performance history, credit worthiness and other relevant factors of bidding parties.

Meets with vendors to obtain information on products and services, to explain procedures to companies who wish to do business with CMHA, and to apprise Purchasing Manager of product changes or innovations.  

5%         Performs other duties as assigned.

MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE CHARACTERISTICS: (*indicates developed after employment)

Knowledge of:  9% and 4% LIHTC program requirements; HUD affordable housing programs and requirements; federal government-backed mortgage financing; general real estate development principals; pro forma development and analysis; project management; HUD affordable housing programs and requirements; government structure and process; public administration; state, federal, and local laws and regulations; community resources and services; risk identification and risk management; necessary finance and accounting principles; office practices and procedures; supervisory principles and practices; English grammar and spelling; *Agency/department goals and objectives; *Agency/department policies and procedures; *workplace safety practices and strategies; *personnel rules and regulations.

Skill in:  Managerial and supervisory skills; word processing; computer operation; use of modern office equipment; analytical and financial modeling; presenting information in a clear, organized, and convincing manner. Great Plains experience strongly encouraged (Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2016)

 Supervision given and received

The Assistant Purchasing Manager assists the Purchasing Manager in supervision of the purchasing staff in day-to-day functions and assignments. 

 The Assistant Purchasing Manager receives directives from the Purchasing Manager regarding assignments, priorities, deadlines, and project parameters. When instructions are received, they are usually specific and detailed because they apply to unusual and rarely occurring situations. Normally, the employee makes independent decisions pertaining to decisions pertaining to situations not covered by specific guidelines, but the manager is consulted in serious or unusual circumstances

Personal Contacts

Frequent contact with vendors to purchase services or products, with management regarding policies and procedures, with depart­ment head regarding day-to-day operations, and with other departmental personnel related to procure­ment questions and problems.

Physical Demands

Work in principally sedentary, but may involve some physical exertion, such as kneeling, crouching, or lifting to obtain files and records, and eyestrain from working with computers and other office equipment.

Must be able to sit or stand for up to eight hours at a time while performing work duties.

Must be able to bend, stoop, push, and pull in the performance of office-related duties.

Must be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally to operate office equipment.

Must have vision and hearing corrected to be able to perform essential job functions.

Must be able to maintain punctuality and attendance as scheduled.

Must be able to perform essential job functions in an environment that will sometime include increased levels ow work-related stress.

Working conditions

Normal office environment.  Works alone and/or with others.  Oc­casional travel to various locations.  Evening and weekend work may be required upon minimal to no prior notification.  No hazardous physical working conditions are present.  Pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries.  Subject to many interruptions.  Fast paced, demanding workflow at times.  


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