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Interim Recertification Procedure

Reporting Changes between Annual Reexaminations

All voucher-assisted households must report changes to household or family composition to remain eligible for assistance under CMHA/CGI’s voucher program. Changes must be reported by Heads of Household within 30 calendar days of the effective date of the change.

Submit Your Income and Family Change Online

Participants of CMHA/CGI’s Housing Choice Voucher Program and Special Programs are encouraged to submit their changes in family income and composition using the myCMHA Portal.
  • When all required information has been reported and supporting documents uploaded, these will be reviewed and processed by your Housing Specialist.
  • You will receive emails about processing status updates for your reported changes.
  • You will be contacted by your Housing Specialist if additional information or an in -person appointment is needed to process the change.
  • All mandatory fields must be completed, and required documentation attached, for the change requested.
  • You will receive emails about processing status updates for your reported changes.
  • The change will not be submitted if you fail to complete the mandatory steps while creating your online submission.
  • Multiple changes related to changes in income and family composition may be reported with each change report. However, only one report can be submitted at a time.
  • Please be aware: If there is any delay in providing completed documentation to your Housing Specialist, this may cause a delay in the effective starting date of your change .

Alternate Methods of Submission

Submit at the CGI-CMHA office

    If you need assistance using myCMHA portal, please visit CGI-CMHA office at 107 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215. CGI members can assist you with submission of IRs using myCMHA portal.

Submit a paper packet

    While we recommend using myCMHA portal for fastest processing of your Interim Change, you may also visit the CMHA/CGI office to pick up a paper packet. Mail a completed packet with copies of supporting documentation to the CGI Office via USPS, or hand-deliver to the drop-in center.

    Mail Completed IR Packet to:
    P.O. Box 163490
    Columbus, Ohio 43216

    Hand Deliver Completed IR Packet to:
    107 S. High Street, FL 2
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

Reporting Policy

  • Increases in Household Income:

    Except for limited circumstances, families are not required to report increases in income between Annual Reexaminations. This temporary delay in rent increases serves as an incentive for families to improve and maintain their improved financial circumstances.

  • Decreases in Household Income:

    Families may report changes at any time regarding earned or unearned income, family composition, childcare expenses, medical costs or other circumstances that would result in a decrease in the family’s portion of rent. Income decreases must last for more than 30 days to qualify for a new rent determination and possible reduction in rent.

  • Change in Household Composition:

    The addition or removal of any family member (including their income) to the household or a change in the Head of Household MUST be reported within 30 calendar days of the occurrence and must be approved by CMHA/CGI. Any adult proposed to be added to the family’s household must first be approved by the Landlord as specified in HUD’s Tenancy Addendum [to the lease] prior to obtaining CMHA/CGI approval. If denied by landlord, eligible families may qualify to move under CMHA/CGI moving procedures.