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Community Cessation Initiative(CCI) Works to Lower the Number of Tobacco Users in Franklin County

Recently, CMHA, Franklin County Public Health (FCPH), and other community organizations kicked off the Community Cessation Initiative (CCI) at Poindexter Place. The goal of the CCI is simple: Get 15% of the 175,000 Franklin County Tobacco users to attempt to quit using tobacco.

Franklin County Public Health will be working with many organizations and smoking cessation providers to attack this problem. The target demographics will focus on pregnant women, people with a history of mental health & substance abuse, and persons coming from a low socioeconomic status. The service is available to ALL residents of Franklin County.

The program works through referrals. A person may call 1-833-224-7848 or e-mail to refer themselves or others and within 72 hours a CCI representative will reach out to them to begin the process. Regardless of insurance coverage, all individual and group counseling services will be free of charge to the client. In addition, many of the other services provided will be free of charge or covered by the grant or grant providers.

“Tobacco use, remains the leading cause of preventable death in this country and in the world”, Franklin County Public Health Medical Director Dr. Miller Sullivan explained. “Now is the time to quit.”

On July 30, 2018 all public housing properties are mandated to be smoke-free by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. We hope that with these resources in place that a large population of our residents will attempt to quit and ultimately be successful.

The CCI will focus on relapse prevention and will continue to follow up with the client up to three years after treatment to document which methods were most successful and continue to show support.

 “Anything we can do to improve the lives of our residents, and the resident’s family is critically important”, County Commissioner Marilyn Brown said.

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