Section 3 Employment and Training Registration

Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act is intended to ensure that jobs generated by HUD-funded projects and programs benefit, to the greatest extent possible, low-income and very low-income persons residing in CMHA housing and the broader community. If you are a public housing resident or your household meets the Section 3 income guidelines (see Income limits on page 2), and you wish to be notified of job and training opportunities that may match your skills and interests, please complete all sections of this form. Complete a separate form for each person who wants to be in the CMHA Section 3 Registration Database.
Thank you for your interest!
1. Contact Information
*First Name: M.I.: *Last Name:
*Street Address:
*City:   *State:   *Zip:
  *Home Phone:   Cell Phone:   Work Phone:
2. Education and Training
a. What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
b. Have you participated in work readiness training?
 Yes   No
c. Have you attended a trade school?
 Yes   No
    If Yes, what trade?  

d. Do you have any licenses or certifications? (If yes, list below)
 Yes   No

3. Skills Assessment
a. Construction Trades. Indicate the number of years of experience you have in any of the following trades:
Carpentry: Janitorial Services:
Concrete/Masonry: Landscaping:
Demolition: Machine Operation:
Door/Window Installation: Painting:
Drywall: Plumbing/HVAC:
Electrical: Roofing:
Fencing: Seal Coating:
Flooring: Security:
General Labor: Welding:
Hauling: Other:
b. Other Occupations. Indicate the number of years of experience you have in any of the following skill areas:
Administrative/Clerical: Healthcare/Health Aide:
Bookkeeping/Accounting: Housing Inspection:
Child Care: Intake Worker/Case Manager:
Cleaning/Housekeeping: Receptionist:
Computers/Keyboarding: Resident Outreach/Organizing:
Customer Service: Other:
4. Training Needs
Please identify the training topics below that would be of interest to you
Job search (job fit assessment, web tools, resume writing, interviewing)
Workplace Skills (teamwork, communication, problem solving)
Construction   Specific trade(s): 
Other Occupations Specific occupation(s): 

Section 3 Resident Certification
You qualify as a Section 3 resident if you live in the Columbus region and 1) live in public housing or receive a Housing Choice Voucher, or 2) your family/household meets the income limits in the table below.
2017 HUD Section 3 Income limits by Household Size - Columbus, Ohio
Household Size 1 Persons 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons 7 Persons 8 Persons
Maximum Income for Section 3 Program $41,650 $47,600 $53,550 $59,500 $64,300 $69,050 $73,800 $78,550
a. Do you live in CMHA public housing?
 Yes   No
Community Name:
b. Do you live in a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)?
 Yes   No
c. Are you a HUD YouthBuild participant?
 Yes   No
d. What is the total number of persons of any age currently living in your household?
e. What is the total yearly income, from all sources, for all persons living in your household?
I understand that the information above relating to the size and annual income of my household may require
verification. Upon request, I agree to provide documentation. I also authorize my employer to release this
information for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Columbus, Columbus
Metropolitan Housing Authority, and contractors to verify my status as a Section 3 Resident.

By signing below, I agree that CMHA may share the information on this form with contractors, employers, or
training organizations. I understand that I am not guaranteed an interview, job, or admission to training and that
these decisions are made by the employer or training institution using their screening procedures.

If you have questions about Section 3, please send an email to

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