CMHA helps people access affordable housing through collaborative partnerships to develop, renovate, and maintain housing; promote neighborhood revitalization; and assist residents in accessing needed social services.

CMHA had its origin as a result of the stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent depression. It was a time of chronic unemployment throughout the nation and a time when millions of Americans were hungry and homeless.

In 1934, the Ohio Legislature passed the Ohio Housing Law, which established the Ohio State Board of Housing, which, in turn formed CMHA. However, it was not until 1937, when President Roosevelt signed into law the Federal Housing Act, that funds were made available for CMHA to begin construction of public housing. CMHA operates with federal funds received from the provisions of our Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The first project constructed in Columbus was Poindexter Village, a community built to house over 400 families. It was a modest beginning, but CMHA has grown in the years since. Today CMHA owns over 2,200 units throughout Franklin County.  We house families, elderly and handicapped. An additional 13,500 plus private sector apartments are available through the Section 8 subsidized housing programs.

But the real growth of CMHA is not measured in brick and mortar alone. CMHA has been a leader among the nation’s housing authorities in developing the kind of programs that “make a house a home.” Today CMHA residents enjoy a broad range of recreational, social and educational services, made possible through the cooperation of many community agencies and organizations.

The purpose of CMHA is not only to provide housing, but to also build a healthy community environment in which our residents can live with safety, comfort and dignity.

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